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MECCANOID 2.0 Meccano Tech

Meccano Tech

The latest Meccanoid 2.0 by Meccano Tech is a robot to build yourself and programmable that can become a real personal assistant.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI026
Manufacturer Reference : 6028424

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Meccanoid 2.0 is a 60cm high robot which is composed of more 497 pieces that you need to assemble before enjoying your robot. You can also enjoy novelties such as, for example natural vocal recognition. This robot is controllable by an application and can pronounce more than 1000 different sentences.

This robot can be used in classrooms to make it learn how to copy intelligent movements and learn programming via Open Source, or it can be used by private people with games, story time, quiz, imitation, charades…

It is controllable by tablet or smartphone and is of course compatible with all Meccano pieces so you can play with your imagination and create your personalized robot!

Technical characteristics:

  • Brand: Meccano
  • Product Name: Meccano 2.0 personal robot
  • Box size : Taille de la boite : 381mm H x 458 mm L x 900 mm D
  • Battery : 4 LR20 batteries not included
  • 1 Mecca Brain
  • 4 servomotors
  • 2 motors
  • 1 LED module
  • 610 pieces
  • 2 tools
  • 1 building notice
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