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Motos 5 Meccano Models To Build

Building Toy

Motorcycles have always amazed children: they go fast, are beautiful, make noise, are very good play partners and can, depending on the model, travel on all types of terrain. The Meccano 5-Model Motorcycle Kit offers children the opportunity to combine their manual skills with their imagination by building 5 different motorcycle models that they can change according to their desires. 174 plastic and metal parts that come together to create a circuit, road or cross bike with a lot of character.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI043
Manufacturer Reference : 6036044

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Motorcycle cross, road or circuit Meccano to be built

This Meccano kit of 5 different motorcycle models to build is recommended for children from 8 years old, an age where motorcycles are still mostly in their imagination. So why not allow them to work more on their imagination but also on their manual skills. Meccano offers in this toy to build 174 metal and plastic parts, 2 tools and an assembly manual that will help children in each construction. This Meccano kit is appreciated by many parents who have been convinced: children who are very involved in the construction of their toy, models of motorcycles to build but also with which to play and parts that fit together much better than in most other construction games.

meccano moto models to be built

This Meccano motorcycle kit offers the construction of 5 different motorcycle models:

  • The motocross
  • The road motorcycle
  • The roadster motorcycle
  • The motorcycle cruiser
  • The sporty motorcycle

This Meccano kit is compatible with all other Meccano metal parts, which will allow your children to go further and add options to their bikes or create their own models.  If you thought the suspension was only there to decorate, you should know that it is functional and makes the built bikes even truer.

Features of the Meccano 5 model motorcycle kit 

  • Weight of article 454 g
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H) 8 x 13.5 x 10 cm
  • Age recommendation: 7 years and over
  • Maximum weight that can be supported by the product 10 kilograms
  • Educational value(s) Build, design, Manipulate, handle
  • Language(s) French, English
  • Number of rooms 174
  • Do-it-yourself product Yes
  • Battery(s) / Battery(s) required No
  • Main material Metal
  • Plastic and Metal Composition
  • 174 metal and plastic parts
  • 2 tools
  • 1 assembly instructions
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