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Multipack Gemstones Twisty Petz

Gemstones Twisty Petz
Twisty Petz

Adopt the adorable Twisty Petz animals and transform them in the blink of an eye into a bracelet, ring or necklace according to your models, your desires and your outfit of the day. The Twisty Petz can be hung anywhere and taken on holiday or to school and will bring the fashion touch you need. Each pet's look is different and inspired by gemstones: Diamond, opal, amethyst and more!

To create a necklace, join three of your precious pets together. Then turn your jewel into a unicorn, kitten or puppy in two simple twists. Collect them all!

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Site Reference : RA_SPI220
Manufacturer Reference : 6054476

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Twisty Petz gemstone pack

  • Turn your Twisty Petz into sparkling bracelets or necklaces!
  • Twisty Petz come in several finishes. Collect pearlescent, metallic and much more!
  • There are many kinds of Twisty Petz to find! Add unicorns, kittens and puppies to your jewelry box!
  • Collect them all, including rare Twisty Petz!


Twisty Petz pierres prcieuses

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