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Robot Dog Pupbo Blue

Silverlit Toy Robot

Tune Robot Like A Real Puppy!

Customizable, you can even rename it as you wish!

He recognizes your voice and responds to vocal commands: sitting, turning, running ...

Ultra realistic, he takes poses like a real dog, walking and running!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL049
Manufacturer Reference : 54070

Out of stock

Equipped with 4 motors (1 motor in the head, 1 motor in the front legs, 2 motors in the rear legs), it is ultra articulated.

It also has a sensor to detect obstacles.

His learning is growing and requires training! Through the application, follow its learning status and unlock skills!

You can also follow his moods, fitness, joy, abilities ...

  • 4 AA batteries not included.
  • From 5 years.

2 models available: blue and pink

  • 1x Robot Dog Pupbo Blue
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