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Sandisfying Set Kinetic Sand

900g Kinetic Sand and 10 moulds to create
Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is the only game that will make you feel like you're on holiday even at home. Live the sensations of the beach by throwing yourself into your most beautiful sand creations: castles, vehicles, monuments, characters and other decorations. Buildings that are always more beautiful and impressive thanks to this sand made in Europe that does not stick, does not dry and does not get dirty. A Spin Master creation dedicated to children's creativity.

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying contains more than 900g of sand (Blue and red) but also 10 moulds for more precision in your sand constructions.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI183
Manufacturer Reference : 6047232

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Kinetic Sand Sandisfying: sand and 10 construction moulds

The Kinetic Sand Sandisfying pack is the ideal kit to discover this indoor game that will make you feel like you're at the beach. What's the point? This kit contains not only the kinetic sand created by Spin Master (Made in Europe / Non toxic) but also 10 molds for precise and majestic sand constructions to share of course on social networks with the #sandisfying!

The only sand that does not dry or crumble for stronger and more colourful creations, made from natural sand and made in Europe.

Among the tools contained in the Kinetic Sand Sandisfying pack :

  • Spiralizer to create different sand shapes
  • A crusher
  • A transformation tool
  • A knife with a wavy blade
  • One spoon
  • A knife
  • A dome
  • One cylinder
  • A sandbox
  • A support for smartphone

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Spin Master


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