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ZOOMER Dalmatien 2.0

Zoomer Robot Toy

The version 2.0 of Zoomer with 50 voice commands!

Zoomer Dalmation 2.0 reacts to almost 50 voice commands! It's the perfect pet!

Ultra realistic, cute and interactive!

Works with a battery that recharges via USB cable.

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Site Reference : RA_SPI001
Manufacturer Reference : 6024203

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Zoomer Dalmation 2.0 is the ideal pet for children (and parents!)

- It reproduces the movements of a dog so fluid and realistic.
- It is able to move autonomously through its sensors
- It has an artificial intelligence:
          o meets nearly 50 voice commands
          o touch sensors to detect obstacles and movements
- 25 voice commands are explained in the manual, 25 others are to be discovered on the website or via facebook page

- Works with Lipo battery (included). The battery is recharged via a USB cable (included)
- From 5 years

- ZOOMER Dalmatien 2.0 x1
- User Guide x1
- USB Cable x1

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