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Create your Bunchems

If you don't know the Bunchems yet, it's because you missed something ! It is a new toy that is a hit with children who can have fun and use their imagination without any limits. Bunchems are small coloured balls that attach themselves together to create objects, shapes, animals or characters according to your desires of the moment.  A creative leisure activity that is colourful, fun, easy to handle and thanks to which you will be able to share some very good moments with your family.


Discover on Robot Advance the two Bunchems packs that are so popular and that children will no longer be able to do without. Packs that you can take with you everywhere and with which children can make, undo and redo as many characters or animals as they imagine!

Bendy Bunchems Box Set

Bunchems creative leisure
24,99 € 18,75 €
Bunchems Briefcase

Bunchems Briefcase

Bunchems Creative Leisure
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