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Wedo 2.0 computer logic

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The computer logic, with the use of coding, allows the WeDo 2.0 solution to be even more relevant in scientific and technical disciplines. Thanks to the dynamics of coding, WeDo 2.0 aims to strengthen its position in schools through IT logic.

WeDo 2.0 brings science to life.... 

  • By helping primary school teachers to develop students' practices in science and technology
  • By solving problems through research, modelling, design and computer logic through construction and coding.


The purpose of the coding comes from different major names in education


Contribute to the development of young people as computer thinkers: individuals who are able to draw on computer concepts, practices and perspectives in all aspects of life and in different contexts and disciplines.


Computer logic allows us to consider a complex problem, understand it and develop possible solutions. We can then present these solutions in such a way that a computer and/or a human being can understand them.

Centre for Computer Logic at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Computer logic is a way of solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behaviour based on the fundamental concepts of computer science. Solutions are represented in a form that can be effectively implemented by an information processing officer (e.g. coding)

Computer logic makes it possible to establish a link with science and technology

Lego education wedo 2.0

The expression Logique informatique comes mainly from the work of Jeanette Wing in recent years, but it initially comes from the first works of Seymour Papert, who was himself a student of Jean Piaget.

Jeanette Wing - "Computer logic is a kind of analytical thinking"

  • It includes some mathematical logic in the possible ways of approaching problem solving.
  • It includes an element of engineering logic in the possible ways of approaching the design and evaluation of a large complex system that operates within the limits of the real world.
  • It includes a part of scientific logic in the possible ways of understanding computability, intelligence, mind and human behaviour.


Computer logic is part of the school curriculum


Practical activity 5: Through mathematics and computer logic, students are also expected to use computer logic, which involves strategies for organizing and searching data, creating sequences of steps called algorithms, and using and developing new simulations of natural and designed systems.


We are convinced that computer logic is a problem-solving methodology, which extends the field of computer science to all disciplines, providing a distinct way to analyze and develop solutions to problems that can be solved by computer science. Computer logic is part of a broader discipline that is computer science

United Kingdom - Computer program

A high quality computer training offer allows students to use computer logic and creativity to understand and change the world.


What is computer logic?

Computer logic is a set of skills, which can be described in different ways. The most commonly requested skills are the following:

  • Decomposition: the ability to simplify a problem into smaller parts, in order to facilitate the process of finding a solution.
  • Generalization (recognition of similarities): has the ability to recognize parts of a known task or those that have been seen elsewhere.
  • Algorithmic logic (coding): the ability to create a series of ordered steps (processes) to solve a problem.
  • Evaluation: the ability to verify whether a prototype is working as intended and, if not, the ability to identify areas for improvement.
  • Abstraction: the ability to explain a problem or solution by removing unimportant details.


Guided projects - all about solving problems with Wedo 2.0

  • Lunar base: this Lego Education Wedo 2.0 project aims to design a solution in which a robot would be able to assemble a base on the moon.
  • Object capture: This project aims to design a hand prosthesis solution that is able to move small objects.
  • Volcanic Alert: The objective of this project is to design an apparatus to improve the monitoring of volcanic activity in order to guide scientific exploration.
  • Sending messages: The objective of this project is to design an information exchange solution using a system of signals organized into models. 

guided projects lego education wedo 2.0

Open IT logic projects

  • Inspection: The objective of this project is to design a solution in which a robot is able to inspect narrow spaces, guiding its movements with sensors.
  • Emotional design: This Lego Education project aims to design a solution in which a robot can display positive emotions when interacting with humans.
  • Urban safety: the objective of this project is to design a solution to improve urban safety.
  • Animal Perception: This project aims to model how animals use their senses to interact with their environment.


Wedo 2.0: Important facts and changes

  • Updates will be available in July on all iOS, Chromebook, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems
  • New projects, including the Teacher's Assistant, are available in the CONTENT UPDATES from July 2017 in the following countries: RU, US, AUS, GER, FR, ES, CH, JP, KO and NL
  • The update of the program library is a SOFTWARE UPDATE and is available in all languages


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