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Cayro Montessori Color Blocks

Logic game for children 1 year and older

With a variety of sizes, shapes and designs that will captivate little ones, this Montessori inspired wooden colorful cube set was specifically created to be the first puzzle. It is essential for strengthening fine motor skills and establishing hand-eye coordination. From an early age, it emphasizes self-control and perceived self-efficacy. Reasoning, manual dexterity, spatial orientation and self-esteem are all psychoeducational elements put to the test.

This kit includes 12 clear building pieces with natural hardwood frames in a variety of colors.

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20,90 €

Montessori transparent color block set: logic and light

12 transparent building blocks with natural wood frames in a variety of shades. You can build with these blocks, but you can also use them to experiment with light. As the light passes through the different pieces, the colors are projected, creating a wonderful sensory experience. Therefore, it is also a great tool to use with light tables.


Jeu blocs couleur Cayro Montessori

This game allows to put forward different skills:

  • Visuo-spatial: aligning cubes and creating figures in a regular manner.
  • Perception of self-efficacy in learning.
  • Hand-eye coordination: correctly manipulate the cubes.
  • Visualize the shapes you have created.
  • Reasoning: from the premises, form the correct figure.
  • Psychomotor skills: block manipulation and balance
  • Imagination and creativity are used to create various figures and groups.
  • 12 translucent blocks in different colors, with natural wood frames
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