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Avitron XTim

You always dreamt of being a bird? You dream may become true thanks to remote-controlled Avitron and Brionic Bird birds. Flying robots connected to a Wi-Fi remote-control, controllable from about 100 meters far and they are reproducing fluid and realistic moves. Different models exist for children or experimented pilots.


Avitron flying bird robot toy


The crush of Robot-Advance is the connected bird by Bionic Bird: it weighs only 9g, flies fast and its control is really intuitive with the Flying app (application) in mode motion control. A remote controlled bird at the cutting edge of technology for exceptional acrobatic flight sessions.

Discover more about the brand Bionic Bird.

Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird

Avitron RC2.4G

Avitron RC2.4G

Avitron Junior Version
Avitron KidZ

Avitron KidZ

Avitron for children
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