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My First Helico Remote Police Helico

Remote-Controlled Helicopter For Toddlers

Controllable by a 5 year old child, he takes off and atterit alone.

It is a sturdy and handy super helicopter toy.

Moreover, very secure for the child who can not get hurt gracefully its dual strapping.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL026
Manufacturer Reference : 84703

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Remote-controlled police helicopter Ouaps

Its bright and audible remote control adapted to very small hands makes it easy to operate.

The child can operate different buttons to take off or land, turn right or initiate the emergency landing.

The remote-controlled helicopter for the children of Ouaps is in the colours of the police and has excellent stability and double strapping to maintain maximum safety.

  • Imminent take-off
  • Automatic stabilization in flight
  • Ultra-easy control
  • Rechargeable battery included (helicopter)
  • 6 AA batteries not included (transmitter)


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- 1x My First Helico

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