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Educational robot to learn programming

The Cubetto robot is a fantastic toy for learning programming for the youngest. The programming language are colored blocks, which are arranged on a special card. Cubetto itself is a smiling robot on wheels in the form of a wooden cube. 


Guide it through a special table according to the instructions in the manual or according to your imagination. You can build various obstacles from your favorite toys. This educational robot is very obedient and will allow the youngest to immerse themselves in the world of programming very simply: simply arrange any combination of colored blocks and press GO to start the program.


It's very fun and creative for both boys and girls. Children learn coding very quickly, completely unaware that these are their first steps towards real programming.


Cubetto educational robot


The Cubetto educational robot won the following awards:

  • Cannes Lions 2016
  • Red Dot "Best of the Best" 2016
  • Platinum Junior Design Awards 2016
Cubetto Robot

Cubetto Robot

Programmable Robot classic or Deluxe
234,90 €
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