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Playmobil Pro for companies

Playmobil Pro is an advanced modeling kit for professionals that encourages problem solving and creative thinking at work. The system is based on the famous Playmobil figure, which has been used for years as an educational toy, to encourage imaginative play in children.


Now adults will be able to use Playmobil in a professional setting via Playmobil Pro. Playmobil Pro will allow companies and their employees to work in a model-based way on prototyping, project management, creative workshops and much more.


Playmobil Pro was born out of a desire for gamification solutions that incorporate playful elements into work processes to improve results.


Playmobil Pro

Playmobil Pro Starter Kit 70527

Playmobil Pro Starter Kit 70527

Playmobil Pro Starter Kit: up to 5 participants
190,80 €
Playmobil Pro Basic Set 70319

Playmobil Pro Basic Set 70319

Playmobil PRO Basic Set: up to 12 participants
802,80 €
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