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LEGO Power Functions

LEGO Power Functions is LEGO's flagship electrical building system. The components in this section are those generally used for LEGO Technic constructions, also available on Robot-Advance.


Here you will find all the components to bring your LEGO® constructions to life: battery to provide the power, components to move the elements, light, remote controls... It all fits into one system to allow you to build and control your own inventions.


There are several types of LEGO Power Functions :

  • Battery box without which your LEGO constructions will not have the necessary power.
  • Motors that differ according to the construction you want to make. LEGO Power Functions offers a wide range of LEGO motors.
  • Remote controls and receivers to control your LEGO constructions remotely.
  • Extensions and lights to make connections over longer distances and add functions such as headlights to your vehicles.


LEGO Power Functions

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