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Discover LEGO Technic constructions: bricks to be assembled to build cars, cranes, motorcycles, dragsters, trucks and much more. The best thing about LEGO Technic is the realism of the models on offer, which come to life thanks to mechanisms that immerse you in stunning realism: gearbox, piston engines, self-opening doors, autonomous crane arms..


LEGO Technic is suitable for both children and adults, with constructions that can be supplemented with a LEGO Power Functions engine for even more realism in terms of appearance and character. LEGO Technic is perfectly suited to the most demanding do-it-yourselfers and builders who expect more than just a few hours of fun.


Discover the most popular LEGO Technic models available here on Robot-Advance: imagine or create modern, complex, realistic and fun models. Some LEGO Technic models contain nearly 1000 parts. Take up the challenge and enjoy the satisfaction of your creations now!


LEGO Technic

Dragster LEGO Technic 42103

Dragster LEGO Technic 42103

Motorized construction LEGO Technic
19,99 € 18,99 €
Rally Car LEGO Technic 42109

Rally Car LEGO Technic 42109

LEGO Technic car remotely controlled by smartphone
Mini CLAAS XERION LEGO Technic 42102

Mini CLAAS XERION LEGO Technic 42102

LEGO Technic construction toy
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