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Micro:Maqueen Plus Educational Robot micro:bit

Advanced STEM Education Robot for micro:bit

micro:Maqueen Plus is an advanced STEM educational robot for Micro:bit. Powerful and smart, this micro:bit robot has optimized power management and a high-capacity power supply: it can be fully compatible with the AI HuskyLens vision sensor, making it an accessible teaching tool.

Micro:Maqueen Plus features a large and stable chassis, built-in features and multiple expansion ports. It is not only suitable for classroom teaching, but can also be used for extended after-school exercises and robot competitions.

Please note that the micro:bit board and batteries are not included  / Available with or without HUSKYLENS.

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Site Reference : RA_DFR002
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146,99 €

 micro:Maqueen educational robot for micro:bit by DFRobot 

micro:Maqueen Plus DFRobot

micro: Maqueen launched by DFRobot is a series of educational robots for programming primary and secondary schools. It includes an economical "Lite" version, a powerful "Plus" version and rich peripherals such as "Mechanic". You can choose different versions and peripherals according to your needs.

micro:Maqueen Plus

High capacity lithium battery

  • Powered by a 18650 high-capacity lithium battery. 
  • Charging circuit and battery indicator on board.

Competition Level Sensors

  • 6 line tracking sensors to allow complex routine programs and complicated maze algorithms. 
  • Supports analog readings and sensor calibration with a single key.

Rich extension interfaces

  • 9 GPIO expansion ports, 3 I2C expansion ports, 3 servo expansion ports.        
  • 12 M3 threaded connections. 
  • Fully compatible with the microphone: Maqueen Mechanic and the HuskyLens AI vision sensor.

High speed metal motor

  • High-speed metal motor of 260 rpm; higher travel speed and well suited for robotic competitions.

Motor with encoder and PID control

  • 2 encoders to read speed and direction in real time. Thus, several cars running on the same map can be more fluid.
  • PID control​

Abundant configurations

  • 2 large RGB LEDs, supporting 6 color display.       
  • On-board infrared reception sensor and buzzer. 
  • Free high quality ultrasonic sensor, more powerful than the SR04 version.
  • Free line tracking card for a user-friendly experience.

Larger size and more stable chassis than the microphone: Maqueen Lite.

Available with or without HUSKYLENS


micro:Maqueen Plus components

micro:Maqueen Plus : specification

  • Power Supply: 3.7V-18650 lithium battery
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Charging Current: 900mACharging Time: 4h
  • Battery Indicator: 4 LEDs
  • Drive Motor: N20 motor 260 rpm
  • Buzzer * 1
  • RGB-LED * 2
  • GPIO Expansion Ports:P0 P1 P2 P8 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16
  • I2C Expansion Ports * 3
  • Servo Expansion Ports *3
  • Line Tracking Sensors *6
  • Line Tracking Sensor Output Data: analog + digital
  • Line Sensor Calibration: support
  • Infrared Receiving Sensor *1
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: URM10
  • Top Metal Plate * 1
  • M3 threaded connections *12
  • Map Size: 50cm*50cm
  • Dimension: 107x100mm/4.21 x3.94”



HuskyLens is an easy to use AI artificial vision sensor. It is equipped with multiple functions such as face recognition, object tracking, object recognition, line tracking, color recognition and tag recognition (QR code).


  • HuskyLens is quite easy to use. You can change various algorithms by pressing the function button. Click on the learn button, HuskyLens starts learning new things. After that, HuskyLens is able to recognize them.
  • In addition, HuskyLens is equipped with a 2.0-inch IPS screen. So you don't need to use a PC for setting the parameters. Enjoy the convenience it brings, what you see is what you get! 
  • HuskyLens adopts the next generation of Kendryte K210 specialized AI chip. The performance of this special AI chip is 1,000 times faster than the STM32H743 chip when executing a neural network algorithm. Thanks to this excellent performance, it is capable of capturing even fast-moving objects.
  • With the HuskyLens, your projects have new ways to interact with you or your environment, such as interactive gesture control, autonomous robot, intelligent access control and interactive toy. There are so many new applications to explore.
  • HuskyLens' object tracking skills can be used to learn specific gestures. It is able to recognize learned hand movement patterns and feed their positions. With this data, it's never been easier to create impressive interactive projects.
  • HuskyLens can detect and follow lines. Line tracking is not something new, there are many excellent methods and algorithms for this scenario. However, most of them require tedious setting of parameters. This time, HuskyLens offers a new way of doing line tracking: just click on the button, and it starts learning and following new lines. Let's enjoy the pleasure of doing with HuskyLens!
  • HuskyLens can be the eyes of robots. It allows your robot to recognize you, understand the commands of your hand gestures, or help you put things in order, etc. With HuskyLens, nothing is impossible!

Technical specifications

  • Processor: Kendryte K210
  • Image Sensor: OV2640 (2.0Megapixel Camera)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3~5.0V
  • Current Consumption (TYP): 320mA@3.3V, 230mA@5.0V (face recognition mode; 80% backlight brightness; fill light off)
  • Connection Interface: UART, I2CDisplay: 2.0-inch IPS screen with 320*240 resolution
  • Built-in Algorithms: Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Object Recognition, Line Tracking, Color Recognition, Tag Recognition 
  • Dimension: 52mm * 44.5mm / 2.05 x 1.75inch


micro:Maqueen Plus without HUSKYLENS

  • Maqueen Plus *1 (micro:bit board and batteries are not included.)
  • Ultrasonic Sensor *1 
  • Top Metal Plate * 1 
  • Wheel *2 
  • Copper Pillar *3 
  • Instructions *1 
  • Line-tracking Map *1

micro:Maqueen Plus with HUSKYLENS

  • Maqueen Plus *1 
  • Gravity: HUSKYLENS - An Easy-to-use AI Machine Vision Sensor*1
  • Ultrasonic Sensor *1 
  • Top Metal Plate * 1 
  • Wheel *2 
  • Copper Pillar *3 
  • Instructions *1 
  • Line-tracking Map *1
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