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Robots Kickabot Twin Pack Ycoo

Remotely Controlled Football Robots

Many children love to play ball and football! The Twin Kickabot pack allows them to put themselves in the shoes of their favourite players and control them on the field with their remote control. Kickabot toy robots are fun, interactive and sold in this pack by two: a red Kickabot and a yellow Kickabot. They can be combined with Kickabot in their unit versions, which will allow children to get together for football matches and wild games.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL057
Manufacturer Reference : 88549

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Kickabot Twins: organize your football matches

Kickabot robots are real footballers who will be happy to take your children to wild robot football games. Create your own football field with the two robots, goals and plots included in the Kickabot Twins pack. Two is not enough? No problem, you can also order Kickabot robots individually, which will allow you to organize two-on-two games and immerse yourself a little more in the atmosphere of the football fields.

These toy robots are remote controlled to get your players to go where you want on the field. With their front hook, they will be able to catch the ball, dribble once it is in their possession and move to the cages to use the shooting function and score goals.

This robot offers 3 game modes to entertain children :

  • Play football and score goals
  • Place the blocks all over the table, which will allow the children to compete and win the one who will collect the most blocks with his Kickabot robot. 
  • Bowl and try to strike to become the great Kickabot champion


Various play modes according to your imagination and challenges that will entertain children who will be happy to take them up. 


Play with the Kickabot Twin robots pack


These little robots that play football are a great gift idea for moments of sharing with the whole family. The Kickabot in the Twins pack are red and yellow. They are also available individually in:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green​
  • Blue

This small toy robot is recommended from 5 years old and will need 3 "AAA" batteries for the Kickabot robot and 2 "AAA" batteries for its remote control to operate. They are not provided in the box.

Video of the Kickabot robots games

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