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Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

Circuit Scribe Kit
Electroninks (Circuit Scribe)

For 13 years old and above, the Maker Kit is an extremely complete kit which will help you complete your circuits with various functionalities modules.

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Site Reference : RA_ELE003
Manufacturer Reference : CS-KIT-MAKER

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The Maker kit is almost the same than the basic kit but with additional modules such as a buzzer or a potentiometer. This gives you even more possibilities to create endlessly while enriching your knowledge in electronics.

Why no building a paper city that could be light up? So many possibilities.

An educational book is also included in the box, it has both a sketchbook so you can draw your own circuits and lessons about notion in electronics: from material conductivity to basic digital electronics. This is an, excellent start to begin with electronics.

This kit can also be combined with the Makey-Makey et Arduino kits for even more possibilities.


  • Circuit scribe: conductive ink pend
  • Circuit stencil
  • Steel sheet
  • Jumper stickers
  • Workbook: sketchbook o draw your own circuits and lessons 
  • 11 modules:
    • 9V battery
    • 9V adapter
    • X2 bi-directional LEDs : red in one direction and blue in the other
    • SPST switch (Single Pole, Single Throw)
    • NPN transitor: can be used as a switch or amplifier 
    • 2-Pin Adapter with:
      • X5 resistors (100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 et 1 000 000 Ohm)
      • X2 capacitors (0.1 µF, 1.0µF)
      • X1 photo-resistor
    • Potentiometer: resistor to adjust power (LEDs, Buzzers, motors)
    • RGB LED : red, green or blue LED
    • Buzzer: plays a 4kHz sound adjustable according the amount of power that goes through
    • Photo Sensor: sensor with which you can use light to control LEDs or buzzers
    • Blinker: make LEDs blink and Buzzers beeps.


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