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ENTR Mult-T-Lock Smart Lock

Home Automation Smart Lock
Expert Elec

Install the ENTR Mul T Lock connected lock directly on your door and replace your keys with your smartphone, tablet or other accessories. Easy and quick to install, it replaces your cylinder and automates the opening and closing of your door.

Mul-T-Lock combines high security cylinders with new technologies. ENTR brings you safety, convenience and comfort. Choose access control of your home through the mobile application, fingerprint, keypad or remote control.

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Site Reference : RA_EXP009
Manufacturer Reference : ENTR2102

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599,99 €

high security ENTR Smart Lock

With the ENTR application you can lock and unlock your door directly from your smartphone, tablet or any device with a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to control and manage it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

  • ENTR creates, duplicates, and uses virtual keys to open your door directly from your smartphone, tablet or other devices with Bluetooth connection
  • ENTR uses encrypted Bluetooth technology
  • Your smartphone receives notifications about opening and closing the door and informs you of the battery level
  • The application allows you to manage virtual keys autonomously and schedule access times
  • Technical support available and accessible from your smartphone


Serrure connect ENTR Smart Lock


High security access options

ENTR provides you with many access control options. Choose the one that will meet your needs for your greatest comfort.

  • Wall code keyboard: easy to install and program, up to 20 different codes to manage access in complete security
  • Biometric reader: the biometric reader with digital recognition allows you to create up to 20 different users. The fingerprint can be combined with a code and time programming for each user
  • Remote control ENTRY: up to 20 remote controls, easy to configure (Enable/Disable)
  • Smartphone: open and close your door remotely with your smartphone via the free application​
  • Wired and wireless ENTR charger that will allow you to keep your ENTR always operational



The advantages of ENTR Smart Lock

  • Adaptable to most doors
  • Easy to install, no wiring or drilling
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Guaranteed security, encrypted wireless communication
  • Automatic locking


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