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H-CELL 2.0 30W

Fuel cell system for 1:10 scale cars, boats and robots!

Responding to popular demand, and increasing the scale of its initial fuel cell toys, Horizon developed a 1/10 scale system for millions of hobby RC racing fans.

H-cell is used as an integration kit on robot platforms, as well as boats, trains and other hobby projects in the garage or at school.

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Site Reference : RA_HOR010
Manufacturer Reference : FCJJ-21

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Horizon has been developing a 30W solution for RC hobby integration since 2007, and H-CELL 2.0 is its latest version. The integrated system can be adapted to multiple RC hobby platforms and robots, and comes with a hybrid electronic board which connects to standard hobby batteries for an extra power boost.

The Hydrostik pro cartridges can be refilled using conventional cylinder gas solutions or Horizon's HYDROFILL hydrogen station.


  • Includes hydrogen storage (Hydrostik pro) and electronics
  • Designed for 30W hybrid power in model cars, boats, robots, and more
  • electronic valves and regulators for HYDROSTIK pro cartridge integration
  • Compatible with HYDROFILL hydrogen supply system

kit content H-Cell 2.0 Horizon hydrogen battery for RC models

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