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Protective Mask Made Of Cloth

Covid-19 Protective Cloth Mask

This protective mask has been specially designed for summer and hot weather : outer layer 100% cotton / inner layer 50% cotton, 50% polyester, white colour, flat cloth with water-repellent and fluocarbon finish.

Attention: this is a hygienic mask and not a personal protective equipment (PPE) or a sanitary product (PS). Available in adult or child size.

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Site Reference : RA_EXP024
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Covid-19 cloth protection mask: Cotton and Polyester

Outer layer of the mask

  • 100% cotton fabric, colour white, 50 threads/cm weft
  • Extra soft fabric specially designed for summer and hot weather
  • Weight of 220 gr/m2

Inner Mask Layer

  • 50% polyester and 50% cotton fabric
  • Colour white
  • Flat cloth with water-repellent and fluorocarbon finish​

Standards, characteristics and use of the mask

  • According to European standard ISO 9237.1995 and EN 14683.2019 type 1
  • Fabric of 145 threads, weight 120 gr/m2
  • Elastics for the ears (Latex)
  • According to ISO EN-14683:2019 type 1, which meets the BFE breathability tests in the BFE bacterial filtration test
  • Wash at 90 degrees maximum.
  • Dry at 120 degrees maximum.
  • Diluted bleach can be used, but in this case it will be necessary to rinse abundantly.
  • Approximately 100 washes.
  • Certification Validation according to the UNE 0065 abril 2020 standard, by the Leitat laboratory in Terrassa.


Covid-19 Protective Cloth Mask

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