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Thymio Wireless Challenge Pack

Programmable Robot

A new way of learning

The Thymio Challenge Pack allows you to discover programming in a fun way.

It's a complete experience including a great diversity of activities out of the box.

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Site Reference : RA_MOB001
Manufacturer Reference : Challenge Pack

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30 Activities to learn how to use Thymio

The new key feature of the Thymio Challenge Pack: 30 activity cards surrounded by craft material.

  • 10 cards to discover the basic behaviours
  • 10 cards to learn the visual programming language
  • 10 cards to learn the advanced visual programming language
  • 10 activity sheets to craft, cut and glue to transform Thymio into a dog, a spider or to create obstacles.

These activities allow a step-by-step discovery of Thymio and its programming environment in a fun way.

A mix of hardware, software and activities

Diversified and ready-to-use, the Thymio Challenge Pack offers you an innovative experience using a robot, an intuitive programming language and stimulating activities.

  • 1 Wireless Thymio
  • 1 Thymio remote
  • 30 Activity cards
  • 10 Activity sheets
  • 1 Thymio Racetrack
  • User guide
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