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Jimu Robot Explorer Kit

JIMU Robot Educational Robot

The JIMU Robot Explorer Kit is an educational kit of 372 parts and 7 servomotors that can be easily assembled to create different models of educational robots to be programmed via smartphone or tablet. JIMU Robot programming is quick to understand and easy to use thanks to a system of drag and drop blocks, Blocky.

A free application allows you to use the 3D construction steps. Children can also imagine and create their own robots with the parts provided.

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Site Reference : RA_DIS012
Manufacturer Reference : JR0701

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JIMU Explorer to learn STEM

The JIMU Robot Explorer Kit is the ideal starter kit to enter the world of robotics and programming. It is composed of 372 parts and 7 servomotors that will allow you to create 5 different educational robot models such as the BabyBot, the parrot, the walrus or the Rex Tyranosaurus. JIMU Robot offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interactive system of robotic building blocks with which children can either choose to create the proposed models or create their own robots.

All the robots created are programmable via smartphone or tablet thanks to an easy-to-use Blocky process. Robots connect via Bluetooth and can perform created or pre-programmed movements.

  • Modular system with 5 robot models to be created and programmed with 7 servomotors that allow robots to produce different natural movements
  • Robots connect via Bluetooth to a tablet or smartphone. A free application provides free instructions for starting, building in 3D, configuring and programming
  • Playful "Blocky" programming of drag and drop blocks to create movement chains
  • The movements to be programmed are either pre-recorded or created directly by the children with the RPP system (Record, Position, Playback): start the recording, change the position of the servomotors manually and stop the recording. The robot will be able to repeat these new movements
  • The Explorer JIMU kit consists of 372 parts to be plugged in or out together
  • Share photos, movements or creations with the JIMU community directly via the mobile application
  • Extremely flexible servomotors allow robots to reproduce smooth and precise movements.


  • 372 pieces
  • 7 robotic servomotors with flexible movement
  • 1 main control box
  • 1 lithium-ion battery
  • 1 AC adapter
  • 1 quick start guide.
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